Flash game Cyber ​​Mice Party

Cyber ​​Mice Party a game of agility based on the construction

Cyber ​​Mice Party agility is a game that reminds us of the famous duo of tl s series Tom and Jerry. You embody the Tom cat and your mission is to prot ger cheese. Jerry feels is represented by many critters all round and very blue. They put to very quickly and their only wish is to eat the big piece of cheese entirely. Protects the food and prevents them from touching. Whenever a creature manages to touch the piece of cheese, you pers points.

You butes of the level 1: First bite of Cheeze and each level is very chronom 120 seconds. For you to demonstrate agility and rapidity to prevent these small mouse to devour cheese. Jamming them from the willing ments which you left your screen. D place them to the play area with your mouse by left clicking SEATED. All pieces of cheese in the house have mang t s by these little critters who seek to monopolize the cheese and up pr feels nobody could stop them. Throw yourself into the game and fighting them with Use Strategy to complete rid of the ment of the house.

The game has several levels and as and as you progress through the levels, your mission is increasingly difficult. For d abut the game, click the start button. Then click Go In case of problems, you can you press the correct Help to read the instructions game Cyber ​​Mice Party is a game of agility with very int esting missions are sometimes a bit complicated. Always be concentrated and succeed at each level to prevent critters devour your piece of cheese. Make honor Tom and saves your food.

Good luck to you!

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