Flash game Dance Match

Dance Match arcade, puzzle and reflex

Put your agility has the evidence in Dance Match, great arcade game, r and r flexion reflex!

You're an agility unquestionably? This is a good time to prove it with this great flash game that you're about.

Dance Match (one game dance) is a flash game that can be classified in the category of cat agility games. The principles of this game are very simple. Move in rhythm with Dance Match, a game of skill and memory m ad cover without delay on our portal online flash game. He'll have to be quick, pr cis and not in the colors fool you.

At each level of the boxes are color of the dance you are shown are for a time limit: you gotta Memorise m. Dancers then appear, you have a few moments to reproduce the right boxes in the right color before the unfortunate did head exploding.

How to Play a Dance Match?

This game is played in some ways like a platform game, you have to be careful and patient especially to follow the movements that you should reproduce.

S selects the color with the "A" button (red), "S" (green) and "D" (blue); then click the boxes. Of course the quests are similar and are slightly rp petitive but you spend a certain level you are almost invincible. For we know how to take the title becomes quite easy to handle, even if we can find some redundancy shares perform.

From the perspective esth tick this game of skill and agility to pr feel under great graphics and sound effects breathtaking. The game is also a very good playability. If you are a fan of games like that, quick to laugh yourself to some solo or sharing your score with your friends. Let's play!

Good luck and have fun!

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