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Defend Your Keg game launch on platform

D splits your cans in this game on launch platform! Welcome to our game, you will spend a wonderful time in the company of the game Defend Your Keg, an exciting and very funny game. Defend Your Keg is an exciting game and extremely agr ble to play, it gives you every wanted to replay and without tiring you.

It is both funny and enjoyable because you'll have to split that belong to you against enemies in angers. In defender, you have your prot ger of beers was against drunks who do not want to hear, for them you have to share your was of beers with them. Since ja several months of farmers in the raw material, that is to say the returning ments in the manufacture of beer have encountered s s rieux problems in their production. The raw material as absent, beer can not therefore be produced. It has been found that the disappearance of pre cious drink for some people and you are the only one still poss der home. Your neighbors have circulated the news throughout the neighborhood and you see happening with you all the drunks instead of s arm to the teeth to t 'eliminate and take your cash.

D fends protects you and your beer was using the directional arrows keys to move to, going from left to right with the left and right arrow. Use the mouse to direct your cannon and shoot and press on the spacebar to throw the bombs. If you want to pause the game to resume after using the keys 'E' and 'SHIFT' it to do so.

Grab your gun and fends was the last beer you have left, eliminates your enemies and come out victorious in this battle. Good luck!

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