Flash game Dancing Maching

Dancing Maching, the animals are totally offset

Dancing Maching, a game with a duck totally to cal! In this version of the game Dancing Maching manipulates your duck and Make him do all kinds of dance. This game is very funny and allow you to have fun a lot with your friends. In front of your screen, your card is placed on a bridge as a dance and you have ten letters of the alphabet on your right and the numbers one to five on your left. Use your mouse to play by clicking on the numbers or letters.

Each number or letter you support your conduct rather funny cartoon action. Try to compose a sequence of numbers to see r actions duck performs or composes a word with the letters to see him do all kinds of dance or acrobatics. From time to time a pretty girl appears in the screen and passes your cartoon, press the buttons to see how it will be r. Dancing maching is a game in which you have fun in control of your dance steps while you duck and have fun. You can succeed r has him do all kinds of funny figures for fun. You can also let slip of the mouse over the numbers and letters to make it move. The objective that you must succeed r and follow the music while performing dance in harmony with the music.

Take your first reperes music by listening well, then to file the keys to understand how the duck is r and starts the dancing to the beat of the music. You can also play by pressing the keys respecting letters and numbers that are displayed are on the screen. R achieves the very beautiful dance and become a chor graph outstanding.

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