Flash game Big Snow Tricks

Big Snow Tricks a set of slides for snowboarding fans

Big Snow Tricks, just do the ski jump of the year in this game you'll fly away Where e

Come and join your friend freerider for t 'bust, you v cu two months in the mountains and you learned a lot about skiing and nature. You ca find cool to know where are the best spots, or know in what conditions must go skiing in places Where nobody HAS ever set foot. Purpose it is not always easy t you v cu heavy snowstorms That Shaken-have in your head all purpose it is AC That has you make progress directions.

Now you descend the slopes controlling sculling perfectly. You Encountered magnificent animals on top of the Highest peaks of Europe, you voyag Between the Alps, the Pyr n es and you're all the same in the Ural mountain Where retranch e erasures temperature is extremely cold, whatever the season. Purpose today it's nice you-have a ramp to launch madness tricks in every sense Then Concentrated up! Purpose Mainly benefits a max. Order hand not to get hurt so Either Be Careful to your timing, r fl chis your figures and r ceptionne yourself well.

In one month is the Winter Olympics I am Reminding you, and I look upon you to be share of the team Because You-have talent but mostly you have any technical knowledge super int esting.

How to Play a Big Snow Tricks?

To start left click start skiing or snowboarding star if you want a snowboard Then left click on start. To laugh appuy of the space bar, so That your rider go faster appuy When it starts. Then use the directional arrows to perform tricks and make the spacebar to grab in the air.

Before your jump you can press the spacebar to jump higher.

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