Flash game Mini Putt

Mini Putt mini golf game and precision

Just make a great part of Mini Golf Mini Putt, super mini golf game and pr decision!

You d ja tried to play golf? This is a game we always see everywhere; ries in s and the tl, but only a small part really play. In this beautiful flash game, you'll have the opportunity to take your brand to be part of real golfers that has the planet. "Mini Putt" is a very fun sport game, one of the replicas esting r int the prestigious golf game.

In this game, find the full range of golf jargon. All instruments, total. Pr adorn yourself a rub of the greatest players in the world playing this little opus has no less int ind niablement esting that will appeal to all those who try it. Faces the greatest golf tips in the most prestigious tournaments, but above all, you should first make your first steps in the practice mode.

How to play Mini Putt?

In this mode it, you can try simple holes, and easy to reach, you can measure and draw while learning. Then, once you have entered the game works, you can get down to s fronted by throwing you in real comp bution with renowned opponents. The game is pretty easy to play as it is played entirely with the mouse. You can r Gler all the parameters of your shot with a single gesture. You can increase the distance shooter loignant or by bringing the cursor ball shoot. Then once all settings r s in order, you can a single left click to shoot.

Sharpen your swing analysis and well before the course start your first ball. The game is fun and very simple, fill all holes and realize a sheet with good scores. Maybe you'll be the new Tiger Woods Mimi Putt.

Good luck champ!

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