Flash game Animal Marathon

Animal Marathon, a great game animal race

Enters the race and try to win over your opponents in cute little Animal Marathon, a great game animal race! If you like racing games on foot, you certainly love this original game which follows the same rules as the sport of marathon usual. There shall nevertheless a small diff rence in this game because you will not attend a marathon between athletes, this is not even a race between humans. No, it is a rat race between animals and no thank you. The principles of the game are simple, you put yourself in the shoes of an animal barnyard, forest or savannah, then you put yourself on a running track with all other animals as adversaries, to try to win first prize.

Today you will learn that sport is a universal thing, and it is not just the preserve of humans. Animals also have their right to sport, and these animals "animal marathon" along well know worldwide. How to play Animal Marathon? Before you start your game, you have to initially choose the animal pr feres with which you run. ca can be your pet pr f r or not.

Do not pr precipitates on the hare thinking it will be faster, actually has this game, even the cam could win against a gu pard. Indeed, without "animal marathon" nature no longer has a say, all that matters is the speed at which you can run your animal. Therefore choose between a fish, a turtle, a hare, and many other animals, then once on the track, press the big yellow button at the bottom right of your screen is using the left click of your mouse to move your character. The faster you press the button, the faster your pet run.

Then hammered the big yellow button with hundreds of cliques jerky esp rer s for winning the game.

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