Flash game WSU Warrior

WSU Warrior Adventure game Pacman

D covers WSU Warrior and embodies a warrior warrior who must save the statues of the university!

If you're a fan of adventure games and classics like Pacman, then WSU Warrior will undoubtedly please you. In this game, kind of insane robot ninjas from space fall very close with their ship your campus, they are called paranormal paratroopers, they are seeking to fuel their ship in the campus of the university.

They go around the corners of your university and collect statues without anyone noticing. You embody the warrior warrior, a student with a green dot helmet football kind am Rican on his head and gives the goal to put the statues of the university has their up and nobody sees it.

How to play a WSU Warrior?

Use arrows on the keyboard of your computer to direct your character in the game that is the warrior in green.

A labyrinth from the sky, green points are left in the hallways, swallow them all without exception while avoiding the insane in WSU Warrior. Then you can avoid the paratroopers and eating green points. Letters dor es that will allow you to have the faculty s turn you into a red devil and give as much force to kill the alien robots ninjas you.

To pass the level sup laughing, you must eat all the green dots that are dispersed s in the maze. This game is composed of 20 levels and you must be very concentrated and well directed esp Manage your character to finish them all. Your score, your number of lives and the Level in which you are volues displayed his left your screen game Excellent graphics, great electronic music, a variety of challenging levels and does a very good playability fun for this game , Good luck and above all have fun though!

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