Flash game Alien Invasion 3

Alien Invasion March 1 shooting game space invaders

Alien Invasion is classic shooter in which you can pass a course of fire without you place your home. Sit and become one of the best shooters in the world. D form, you have the opportunity to become a true sniper.

The world is attacked by cr atures strange and very dangerous who want to monopolize everything that moves and be the absolute masters of the planet. You have to do everything for you oppose what the earth is invaded by watches. Team up everything that you will be about as weapons, vehicles, spacecraft, laser cannon, shields .... Commands to the spacecraft arm laser cannon at the bottom of the screen, you have to fight a battle against the invaders cr atures. They are well armed and are cid es ad destroy the blue planet.

You have to shoot the enemy saucers before they arrive at your four shields. Be careful, if your shields receive too many draws, they d truiront and you will remain covered ad. The shooter and should be faster than the insane. If your walls of protection receive your own shots, they d sintegrent gradually disappear as much, so quickly aim above. A large saucer is hidden behind e small saucers, if you r ussis to do a shoot on it, you will earn bonus points.

Be active and r year antis UFOs before they get up to you. Know that there's more level and move to the next level you need to eliminate it all insane invaders. Thou shalt have right of 3 lives to complete each step, then protects them. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard for you to place. Help yourself to the left key to go left, right key to move right and shoot with the spacebar.

Good luck!

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