Flash game Bomb Jack

Bomb Jack game action, arcade and platform

You have long played with matches without burning your fingers? Come see if you can keep this state of things was playing this wonderful game. "Bomb Jack" is a very original adventure game in which you embody a sublime character who has a passion pide intr stuff exploding. Bomb Jack is inherently dangerous, not for you, but for the character that you play, and who picks up throughout the levels bombs. This is his favorite hobby, his hobby, the thing for which he breathes, collect bombs wick.

And now today, you go to the adventure with him. Pr adorn yourself with this character to share the flame of his passion. You'll help throughout the levels to pickup balls black bomb.

How to play a Bomb Jack?

The principle is simple. The bombs are disposed in the space of game platforms-up of more or less are.

You can pick up bombs in passing over them. To move to the next level, you must collect all the bombs pr level feels. There are also enemies that we should touch on any text pr. IF you come in contact with them, you lose lives.

If you lose all your lives, the game is nished and you lose your accumulated points. Each level has its quota of bombs and enemies, collect all the bombs and soon all the enemies to go to the next level. There are in all bonus levels. Some will earn bonuses, and other assistance. D covers all facets of the game starting on a part.

Ch es fl keys left and right to allow you to move the character, and the spacebar allows you to jump to go from platform to platform. Collect all the bombs and covers the explosive fun of this game! Have fun!

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