Flash game Charlie The Duck

Charlie The Duck action game and platform

D covers the action game and Charlie The Duck Mario platform and embodies m tamorphos duck! D barrasse up your enemies by jumping on them!

You're a real passionate games in which you find yourself at the heart of the action? So you will not be of no cu cu by this superb flash game that you're about. Charlie The Duck (Duck Charlie) is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat action games. Have fun with the Action Charlie The Duck game on our portal free online flash game.

The principles of this game are very simple, simple enough grip and super fun concept. Here's the whole story. Imagine a Mario would have m tamorphos yellow duck and you Charlie! As in the game of c lebre plumber, Mario, your main goal in this game is to rid you of your enemies by jumping on their heads and finding hidden tr s go leaping to her feet together on the some ments the d cor.

How to play Charlie The Duck?

In terms of game controls, you should not have too much difficulty s to make it. Use arrows in your direction keys to move to. You must have done away with all thine enemies that are on your way to validate the level yard and go to the next level. Throughout the adventure you will have to improve your attacks am.

Maneuverability is at the top and graphics groomed s evoke the world of the cartoon genre. The tone of callus is quickly fly and progression is super addictive. So if you're a fan of games like that or just a big fan of good action game and platform, definitely do not let your chance pass to try Charlie The Duck, this magnificent opus has been your disposal. D fed immediately part by simply clicking on the image of the game and it's played.

Good luck!

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