Flash game Dyna Boy

Dyna Boy avenutre a minor in platform

Come take part in the adventures of the minor mysteries fronted! Dyna is a boy conquer tr go out and where diamond it has several difficulties confronted s during along the underground tunnel. Dyna boy is an adventure game in which the minor must cross some tape to achieve its objectives. For d abut the game, click on the Play button and regarding the placement of the minor in the pit it is fair to navigate with the arrow keys.

Help the little miner could find his way by using the left arrow to go left, to get a Right is the right arrow, the arrow at the top is to avoid obstacles or up still stairs and then arrow down to the bottom when you're high. Take all the time necessary in n underground in search of minerals pr heaven. Hollow cave with him and makes digs deep to r reap the fruit of your efforts. In fact the small miner opened a path underground and during those moments he cu av an ordeal in the cave fighting against enemies who oppose him have his way. Dyna boy little minor, as so aptly named, is able to do all of the jump if Sir with explosives n if necessary.

Contributes to the small order of livrance Dyna boy to cover a path through these mysteries fronted underground mines he endures in the wrong fic cave. R all solutions are considered to live his strong point in the underground empire you can use the following keys as you: A headed for the Left to Right D, W to move towards the top and S to Lower and exceptions as P for pause or R to exit the game

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