Flash game Gift Rush 2

Gift Rush 2 arcade, adventure, puzzle and platform

D covers the arcade, adventure, platform and r flexion Gift Rush 2 and have fun to pack a little monster for your e dulcin!

Do you like platform games? You'll love Gift Rush 2! In this game, you'll have to help a little monster which is fell in love as reduce its dulcin e. To do this, you'll embark on an incredible adventure in which you must pack another little green monster with wings.

The aim of the game is that you parviennes you a place to use your power to unite with your movements r green monster and the gift package. Your power is similar to that of Spider Man: you willing to serve an unlimited e r of spider silk that allows you to e t 'd you up and place in space. Over 20 levels differ ent, you're going to cover new s ability allowing you to overcome the obstacles that stand before thee, and system automatically find a solution to pack the little monster! Gift Rush 2 will appeal to your greater flexion r!

How to Play a Gift Rush 2?

To play Gift Rush 2, it is very easy!

The game is played primarily with the aid of the mouse. Pressing the left click your mouse to launch e spider silk, and maintain support for climbing FROM silk that will lead you to the end. You'll sometimes press the Shift key on your keyboard to holding an object, the gift or the little monster package for grip and move with you during your d investments. R fl-chis well has your investments to make before by studying the structure of the level. H Do not site to share the game with your friends to have fun too!

Have fun, good luck and good game!

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