Flash game Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros discovers a new adventure of our preferred plumber

Join our online gaming platform and is now involved in the new Super Mario bros. This is an adventure game so you will have to pass levels as measured before and at the final mission. Mario is Nintendo's mascot and gn generally it is often the ros h games in which it operates. It is almost in many disciplines whether in racing games motorcycle or car prices "as Mario." Super Mario is a cl brit in bringing on TV games. In this new version, Super Mario save the princess aim and that he will have to perform all the diff rents missions of the game to reach to its purposes.

During the mission, you have to eliminate enemies in its path which are more than familiar call s Goumba then make him avoid all obstacles to reach the end of the tape. To kill Goumba, it will jump on their heads. Think ar reap the parts breaking bricks color with question marks.

In this game you have the opportunit to take a player of your choice between Mario or Luigi the younger brother of Mario, every two working in the plumbing. You'll have to watch over the countdown, as each mission is chronom tr e. V also check it from time to time green tunnels because it often has secret passages that will shorten the path or AC could be bonus room which can bring you to earn extra lives. To play, use the direction keys on the keyboard. The top button is the jump button to move left and right button to advance.

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