Flash game Dont Drop The Ball

Dont Drop The Ball game of agility and precision

Put your agility has the evidence in Dont Drop The Ball game super agility and precision pr!

You love rival skill and agility? Here is the game id al to highlight your skills. Dont Drop The Ball (do not drop the ball) is a flash game that can be classified in the category of cat agility and skill games available on our portal online flash games. The principles of the game are simple. With the mouse, you control a steel ball on a plate containing a hole in its center.

Other balls roll al randomly on the board by bouncing them.

How to play Dont Drop The Ball?

You must arrange for you avoid the other steel ball fall into the hole. D Place the ball with the mouse and hit the balls that approach the hole to prevent them from falling. The game includes a plurality of levels. The goal of each level, tells you how many balls must stay out of the hole.

This number is indicated between parenthesis at the top of the screen in the "balls left" zone (balls remaining). For example the first level, you must keep at least 4 balls on the tray. The game requires a lot of bending and r concentration and a lot of flexibility in the gesture. From the perspective esth tick, the game feels as pr graphics superbly r alis s sound effects and breathtaking.

The playability is also on the menu. This game is the hobby id al to spend a long journ e stressful and boring. Thou shalt again-board in situations that you need to intelligently solve r esp rer out of this adventure with the best score possible. Do not let go especially this skill game which will definitely give you a lot of problems. D fed without delay part. Your turn now!

Good luck and have fun yourself!

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