Flash game Excel Sheep

Excel Sheep game of agility and precision

Put your agility and your pr decision has the proof in the game Excel Sheep!

Excel Sheep is a free agility game you can find on our online games. If you adore the fold, the Excel Sheep game will surprise you with a little sp cial concepts. The shepherd a one third m the oldest on the planet, first appeared as shepherds ago more than ten thousand ann es. In this game titled Excel Sheep, a flock of sheep is represented on a board that feels almost everyone knows: the EXCEL program.

MICROSOFT EXCEL is a software processing of data are velopp by Microsoft company. It is with MICROSOFT Word the most used computer program s in the world. Imagine yourself being in the office working on the MICROSOFT EXCEL program and suddenly the sheep out of their pen and begin to run and jump around. And if someone does not intervene, they may scatter and get lost in nature.

How to play a Excel Sheep?

Your job as a shepherd is to bring all these sheep boy s until their point of origin which is in the middle in blue below your game screen time is sacred in this game you will be very difficult not to run the sheep all around the fold.

The game is easy to play. The mouse of your computer, you have the possibility to drive the sheep that are represented shall in the game screen by round black and white. You have to bring them between two large blue bars to earn points.

The graphics are in black and white but the rest of fi size because these animals are very difficult to manage. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the countryside in the company of your pet pr frs without leaving home. You're gonna r galer and have a good time trying to.

Have fun shepherd boy!

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