Flash game Rivkin Lander

Rivkin Lander game of agility and precision

Try to land in the h licoptere Rivkin Lander, super game pr precision and agility!

Do you like action games just to cover a very fun game and where you have to show a very high concentration for r succeed. Rivkin Lander is a game in which the goal is to land a h licoptere on a boat. A businessman named Ren wealthy was gone for a ride with his licoptere and now he must return to his yacht h. Help him to land correctly to win the level. The task will not be easy, you have to show great skill to achieve.

To play and control the machine, use the directional arrows on the keyboard; maintains h licoptere flight while doing down very slowly with address. Calculate the wind speed to anticipate descent and trajectory h licoptere.

How to play a Rivkin Lander?

Of the game is launched e, the machine will begin a descent, it depreciated by pressing the arrow at the top to keep it in the air and do not let s' crush directly. Based on the arrows left or right, taking into account the wind direction, maintains the balance and progressively releases the arrow at the top to control the descent of the licoptere h. You just get five lives for r succeed the mission. Avoid letting yourself go by the eagerness, well control your device by making it down gently until the bridge yacht Dajo Shadita and r ussis level.

You must complete six ter levels to complete the game. More you progress to levels sup laughing, the more they will be more complicated s. Concentrate, do play your reflexes and your r pr decision. D shows your quality of driver s h licoptere outstanding in this game as you will be limited by time, the number of points you'll earn will depend on your mastery of the landing.

R ussis to do correctly landing gear in record time to earn maximum points. Have fun!

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