Flash game Square Ball

Square Ball game of thinking and puzzle

Just put your brain has the evidence without Square Ball, wonderful game of r and bending puzzle!

You love to your brain even when you're having fun working? Here's a game that you might like. Square Ball is a game of bending r very fun and entertaining.

D fed a game by clicking on the image of the game The principle is simple. D up a ball until the arrival in e Square Ball. Are arranged on a grid ent s the diff ments.

How to play a Square Ball?

You control a small ball using the direction arrows on your keyboard.

Simply pressing one of the arrows and the ball rolls in the direction indicated e until it falls over an obstacle. If the ball touches the side of the playing area you lost. You ponds of each level in a box of hand symbolizing the S (Start).

The goal is to achieve the F box symbolizing the arrival e (Finish). The problem is that color bars you stand in the way. You can however make them disappear: just click it, then choose the corresponding color by clicking one of the buttons at the bottom left of the screen. Bar s PICKED e disappears automatically. But be careful because the rod r appears when you change the color of another bar. Do therefore pass the ball through the bar you just remove before you deal with the following bars.

Levels are linked with increasing difficulty. The music in the game are excellent, you have also the possibility to change the song by clicking on the buttons "1" to "4" to the right of the screen. R USSI a concept for a real headache to lose the ball. D fed immediately and starts part have fun with this superb online flash game that you're not ready to forget.

Solo or with friends, you do not even will see the time passing. Have fun!

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