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Beach Crazy Game Crazy Car

Welcome to the world of Crazy Beach, a kind of'' low'' racing on the collection of objects. The main character of this game is with a car on board which he has to travel a certain distance. Throughout your journey, you have so you m tamorphoser a'' Mario'' as in c lebre game "Mario Kart" to r reap the most possible differ section among which are car accessories like rims and many others. Throughout your course you will have not only r reap many objects but also you'll have to avoid the obstacles that stand in your way including those in the striking of a small fire truisent your v vehicle. You also earn money which you will be awarded points as a function of the distance you have traveled and shocks = increasing your cash that would have had to undergo. These objects allow you to amass s tuner your machine so that it is the glove, but also more stable FASTEST.

The game has a shop where you can get you other styles of cars such vehicles v-shaped boats, jet skis, buggies, and other gear that you can acqu er with money obtained from your annuity diff races. To play this game, you must equip yourself on your keyboard or the arrow keys up'' or the W key to move your vehicle key v'' X allows you to use the turbo and the arrow keys'' Right'' and'' Left'' to be able to do tricks which will bring you more money, these are the basic keys. Your objective is to succeed r all chapters that offer you the game and you post a score that will leave all your friends puzzled.

It tells you to do no more, coverings of this wonderful game and have fun well.

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