Flash game Bike Racer 2

Bike Racer 2 game motorcycle racing and agility

Try to reach the end of the race bike in Bike Racer 2 game super motorcycle racing and agility! If you like racing games bike, come test your skills in this great big driver racing game. Between the combination of a top-flight driver and motorcycle size all roads in the area leaving your gum on all tracks. You must leave your signature on all tracks "Bike Racer", uses it as a resounding message to say aloud a who wants to hear that you are a master in matters of conduct b cane. The principle of "Bike Racer" is simple. In this game, you'll ride a two wheel and r achieve all missions at all levels to win the game.

To hell with the traffic, in this game there is no rule or boundaries. The game is down the slalom technique, so you'll have to drag you between cars to win the race. D trust your opponents on the asphalt, and is seeing how you do bite the dust pretentious pr who believe themselves strong enough to beat you at this game How to play a Bike Racer 2? Use the keys fl ch es, up, down, left and right for you slip between cars arrived're first arrived on the E line. Leave your opponents behind in a cloud of smoke your e exhaust muffler.

See you ignite the race track and win all prices, here is what they have gained bone proud of you. The space bar can also help avoid cars jumping. Now that the basics are you communiqu s, make the leap and enters an adventure in nature diff rent from others that you v cues to this day.

Be careful, you can fall on some obstacles by your race. quickly to all price holes, potholes and other obstacles you meet in the game, and beat them all.

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