Flash game Excite Bike

Excite Bike racing game of moto racing

Come practice in motorcycle racing with the game Excite Bike! You love motorcycles, blood, speed and take pleasure in hurting others? All this sums up to r EXCITE BIKE.

Grab your motocross equipment and track down the EXCITE BIKE an extremely bloody car game. The goal is to make the most of the dead. Station has those pr feel your way, crushes them mercilessly and make spring puddles of blood on the race track. Leaves no one behind you, whether spectators, technicians, mechanics m or the other drivers, bearing down on them and increases your main point. With graphics worthy of the very first Nintendo NES console and music r tro, this game will please passionate s extreme racing but also the bloody drivers. Your death is counter indicated in the Kill Zone.

So all of gum on your way and became the most sadistic game player. There is no room for remorse or for the faint hearted as it is a genuine game v brute. D to place your driver uses the arrow keys on your keyboard. High key enables you to mount the RIGHT to make a boot to the button on the left for a cuter ex rear wheel and the lower back down. Remember that you are participating in a tournament and if you want to become the best driver, you should read the crush of people as possible on your journey. Put on the whole track and won the final cut.

For d abut the massacre, click the Start button then instead of your bike from left to right to the max possible victims. Do not get behind by your competitors and drove to victory. Have fun!

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