Flash game F1 Chinese GP

F1 Chinese GP Formula 1 racing impressive

Become the star of Formula 1 circuits and throne taller drivers. In F1 Chinese Gp participates in car races. Serre turns to double your rivals and took the lead. Do not be blocked by your opponents and win the num ro 1 spot on the podium. Do not waste a second to laugh with your F1 and double your rival for the purpose of.

Do not rape of the road where you'll roll on the grass and your chances of winning will be r actually compromised. D passes speed records and go win this race F1 car. Be bright and anticipates turning of the road so as not to be surprised and do not you hit a tion of the d cor. Remains attentive and quick to win the medal m. Fantastic racing game Formula1 to overcome your opponents.

The game allows you to choose only the Shanghai circuit but you can play against the computer or a friend on the same computer. . Use the arrows to move the keyboard to Driver 1 and WASD keys to Driver 2 In order for the racing game, you choose your circuit, then click on the number of players: multiplayer game: maximum 2 then uses the keys fl ch es for investments and to try to beat your competitor. You're a Formula 1 driver and you have to beat your opponent on the Shanghai circuit in China. The circuit offers a combinations of tight bends s most esting int calendar, similar to Turn 8 in Istanbul Park circuit. Use arrows keys to drive your race car. Press the SHIFT key to the turbo.

Trying to cross the line e arrived the first to win the trophy e. Be quick and anticipates turns without d raper. Good luck.

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