Flash game Frosted WInter Race

Frosted WInter a racing game Race decale on snow

Sc nario of this game is a little delusional. In fact by wearing a small town for a car ride, you find yourself carrying a mad chase with bandits driving their cash. They come from a bank valiser and r USSI sowing all police cars. Cides of you playing the vigilante and put them out of harm state. In d cor enneig, you're driving a gorgeous case and tries to stop the enemy cars. The road is covered with snow, so much has you maneuver your fireball to be able to launch a pursuit without an accident.

Frosted Winter Race is a racing game very int esting, even if the aim of you do not have the possibility to customize your box, the game immerses you in a very d cor agr ble to play with effects worthy of Need for Speed. Entering traffic, sneaks up between vehicles and struck v suspicious cars. You can also pick up many yellow parts on the way to increase your points.

Boxes pharmacy you let you keep your hard-span. So now you show your talents seasoned big driver r ussissant all your missions. Be the vigilante Genuine v everyone expects and help the police arrest these criminals once and for all. Control your box using a directional arrows on the keyboard. In the first level, you have to destroy three targets traveling 5 km of track. The number of targets, the length of tracks as well as your level of life appears at the top of your screen.

While the total points and boxes lives appear at the bottom. For d abut the race click on the Play button and click Next.

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