Flash game Hyper Trak

Hyper Trak game car racing and agility

Trying to win the race in Hyper Trak, super racing game car and agility!

Do you like racing games? You love driving cars? You'll bluff by this extraordinary flash game. It is undeniable that this game ind is unusual for its playability, its pr presentation, graphics etc..

Basically nothing in this game will be the same for all those you have played out so far. "Hyper Trak" is a simple game of hyper car yet so invigorating and refreshing. It is a baffling and full of surprises that take your breath all big fans of car game adventure. In this game, you volues in a fairly original circuit. This is not a bitumen, asphalt or a, is not straight but undulating. The circuit recalls the treadmill in Alice in Wonderland, except that Alice is a beautiful car propelled by e ar powerful engine action.

The goal is to make the best time in the limits of possibility as a tar rolling on the patient circuit.

How to play Hyper Trak?

To drive the car, you can use the mouse. D Place it to the left or to the right of place as the car.

Playing it will consider three main things. Visible at the top of the screen clock, which displays the time you have left before the end of the race. If it happens a z ro the race is over. Deuxio there bonuses shaped stopwatch.

If only you picked up, you gain time on the clock. The second method m to save time is to pass checkpoints. Tercio there bonuses shaped car.

They allow you to recharge the power bar. You can use this bar by left-click. It works like a nitro and increases the speed of your car. Pars adventure and covers all adr and adrenaline that causes cold sweats "Hyper Track."

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