Flash game Marathon

Marathon a racing game zombies

If you are a race fan base, you will not have to bother you in this game by our vid o games.

Distance running remains a very tough sports Required To good endurance. It is well known in the field of athletic Semitism very sport.

It feels more pr Specifications characters such as 42 km and 21 km. It should be noted that this sport background remains the plume African prevailing there unchallenged. The world champion is none other than Uganda's Stephen Kiprotich 2 h 09 min 51 its Moscow. It is considered today as one of the r largest sp specialists racing background.

The marathon is one of many sports games that you can find on our site. It is practiced on a background of drum n bass and the goal is to run as fast as possible. You have to customize the game by opting first for a player that will be your runner.

You have the choice between several sports all exciting, a dingo mouse, gothic, cat blood, a bean that feels a cactus in tears, a strange call cr ature e Thing Thing, a squid grandmother, a snowman snow and even a slice of beef.

After choosing your athlete, he will then lectionner s go the distance among the three race about s: 100metres race, the 500 meters, and a thousand meters. You will have support from successive manner and as quickly as possible keys on the left and right of your keyboard to run your marathon. The more you cutes ex movement faster and your player will be faster.

The d cor is well located, well of finite m track and well designed mechanism. The playability is excellent and fairly simple control even if it is a rp can titif. Fun!

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