Flash game Mini Metro Racers

Mini Metro Racers game race car Mini Special

Done hassle with heavy machinery and large racing cars. In Mini Metro Racers is anything else, you will attend a race car, but with a completely different type of vehicle v! Away from car racing circuits along with the type of Formula 1, Mini Metro Racers exchange of the core with another style car. You'll participate in races and endiabl are filled with stresses. In this game you're going to attend a race of small cars. No time playing against you so you need to hurry and go to any pump.

Here the speed does not bring you much, drive correctly and quickly obstacles on your path. You will not be alone in the race so you will have to impose yourself and show your Supreme Matie has your opponents. This is a circuit not gliger n, it is as original as it traveled by heavy equipment and large cars racing.

Pay attention any error will be fatal. If you think you're ready, then go dark there and be the winner of the comp Posted! But you'll be trouble if you want a chance to win a race with Mini Metro Racers. D ja, you must have completed training to master small cars because they are the geres that large cars and you can easily grow yourself. Who says small car, said good control, so be careful and do not think you're in a big fireball. Use the directional arrows keys to move to.

Use the arrow to move to the top, the bottom to move, the left to move left and right to go right. Click continue to get started! Good race!

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