Flash game Motorama

Motorama the reference racing game motocross

On board your motocross helmet and head, you're going from a storm of steep climbs and steep descents of the mountain without falling. Heats the engine of your b cane and drove to victory. If your bike looks, leve front wheel when you climbed a hill and the rear wheel down a hill. Attempts to achieve r loops in midair and password has the following tape.

Be the best possible and balanced outline the right moves for not doing a spectacular fall and lose the game. D relies rocks and holes in the ground without fall where you'll break you into pieces. Do not leer acc too and climbed obstacles raising your bike before then lifting the rear wheel when the wheel runs. Motorama is a sensational game motorcycle in which you must choose the type of terrain on which you want to run. Try to finish the track as fast as possible. Use arrows keys to control the bike.

Motocross in this game very friendly cr er can be its own ground by choosing its length, difficulty, number of slopes and heights. Everything is done with the keyboard up arrow to access the rer, down arrow to brake, left and right for s' balance it and ctrl to access the rer a background, the right Shift key is used to achieve some r figures. S selects your system following your ability to handle a cane b. Lance made up of the crazy ant in the accident cr s course and finished the track without falling.

Motorama is not a rally because you do not have a competitor, which enables you to you concentrate more. Click the Play button to start. If you fall, click Try Again to restart the challenge.

Get Ready. Go!

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