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Come test sensations races with Pick Up Pick Up Truck Racing!

In this racing game unconventional, you face nine other riders on twelve different courses all situated in the Southeast of the United States! The novelty here is that all riders are equipped with powerful Pick Up booster specially for racing on circuits. Trace your way to the front of the track, by negotiating bends very greenhouses along the road! Find the right good or you can use your boost to take the lead of the race online.

Warning your opponents are tough, they do not leave you so easily back each player. Slalom between your competitors and surprise them with maneuvers worthy drivers of the greatest movies. Only risk-taking pays off in this kind of race cars. Won first place in the standings, every victory you will earn money.

Use your earnings to improve your car, giving you a distinct advantage over your opponents that you shall bite the dust. These improvements will be in the engine, wheels and boosters. You will also have the opportunity to train yourself in a practice before throwing you in the arena. You then learn the necessary reflexes racing circuit that you will be key to winning the race.

Game Controls Pick Up Truck Racing

Acceleration help yourself of the arrow up to increase your speed during the race. Slow: Use the arrow at the bottom of your keyboard to reduce your speed and better negotiate your turns. Turn left / right, maneuvering your vehicle from left to right with the directional arrows left / right?.

Boost: Boost to activate your Pick-up, help yourself ctrl on your keyboard.

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