Flash game Racing Track

Racing Track

Trying to win the rat race in Racing Track car racing game! You love driving cars like a pro? Be the heat of the moment and deal with death every moment? Come a little tempt fate by playing at this magnificent opus that you might like. "Track Racing" or "1tai's Track" is a car game. It is beautiful design and very simple to play.

As stated in the title, you're going to race on a track. Warning, this game is a real race following the same standards in absolute terms the major Formula 1 racing. Precisely you climb aboard a high-powered F1 car, can be a ferrari last cry. You'll replay the remake of Rush but this time not an opponent, but three riders at least as clever as you.

Leads the race and do your best to finish first no matter what. How to play a Racing Track? Use the keys fl ch es up and down to access the Manage or dcl rer. You wonder why you should dcl rer in a F1 race where your opponents will do you no favors. You will find the answer obvious r addressing the first corner of the circuit.

You ride on asphalt, but a car is a car. If you do not slow down, you risk carr ing out of turn and go hit the rail. Then slowed down before entering the curve.

Etsi turn is even more so tough braking. Has left leaving any gum your tires on the gravel track. This is a race without thank you that you are about to undertake. Leaves no loophole has especially your opponents, as has the second they see a flaw, they will seize and take the opportunity to win the race.

Drive this noble car as majestically as Michael Schumacher, maybe you will be the future world champion if you manage ad hold the best score.

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