Flash game Samdodge

Samdodge a car game point and click

Directs your car in a racing circuit only with your mouse! In the racing game Samdodge, s selects between three drivers; Agent Blue, danger or dodge cyber stealth and down on the road side of your tank to make the race. Each pilot has his own driving technique. The race will not be easy, the track on which it will roll d is not easy to follow and has several obstacles that you must avoid in order not t 'crush.

To play use the mouse to control your tank, click to move it very quickly, quickly obstacles on your way. You risk losing the game and to destroy your vehicle. Earn points for each obstacle you r ussis a round. Prevents hollow on the road, they will make you points and decreases the power of your machine.

You must succeed in r anticipate running your tank at the corners. Traverses the entire track in judgment, control your tank by holding the middle of the track. Often you'll meet on the road bonus options, riding on them to increase your points and increase the power of your tank. The race track has very difficult to survey forms, you need to succeed r maneuver your tank with pr decision not to bring it out of the track. The more you advance in the race, the track becomes more narrow. Still in the middle of the road, going on when you meet COTS holes on the road.

At turns, decreases the rate of not raper or hitting the edges of the road. Try to keep your gear intact until the end of the race. R ussia has arrived cross the line e collecting the most points possible for r succeed the game.

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