Flash game Titans Delivery

Titans Delivery game arcade and car

Ensures your deliveries Titans Delivery, super arcade and car!

You're a car games? Do you even drive?

So this car driving game is for you, do not deprive yourself. Welcome to the page of one of our best games of pr car feels on our platform, welcome Titans Delivery, pr feels on our platform for free fun. Italy, the land of spaghetti, macaroni and especially the countries of pizzas.

Of this delicious dish is consumed in almost all the houses of the cities of Italy. Whether homemade or buy, people love it. In this game, become a great pizza delivery in the Italian city of Turin. You are deliveryman in a fast food that manages your Uncle Marco.

Get larger orders pizza and crisscrossed the streets of the city to deliver a home to these great lovers. Charge up to r cup rer licieuses of the pizzas in the fast food your uncle Marco and deliver them to their consumers with your beautiful green car. The address to which the pizzas are to be delivered, you shook indicated by a small red fl chette terms of Turin you d like.

How to play a Titans Delivery?

To play is simple: after the tl loading the game, click the Play button for a new game to laugh. Drive the credit union using the directional arrows on your keyboard: the arrow at the top to move the arrow down to recede. The arrows left and right to turn dan one way or another. Attention time you pressed count for each delivery you get to do, so do people not too much time in the corners.

Also invites friends to come share Titans Delivery with you and play your s cot or beat their record. Good game car racing and have fun!

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