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Track Racing, when the speed is part of your body.

Since a number of ann es men are not afraid of speed. Indeed they seek always go faster, and now fetch astronomical speeds, but it also causes more risks. But it is true that one can ask the question: why do they do that?

For sensations ca causes for the adr adrenaline, but also for comp bution. And in this game you will reach speeds of madness, but also you can be comp Posted with players around the world try therefore to be the fastest, crossed the circuits one by one and earn medals m to have access to other circuits. There are short circuits, but there are also longer tours, or the slightest mistake can afford cash. You can choose your level of difficulty that will go very easy, levels has experts that will be difficult. Begins gently to adapt yourself to the game, and then climb the Chelons softly. Come face anyone who will cross your path to becoming a pilot unusual and especially as a Formula One!

How to Play a Track Racing?

S nothing easier selects your language, you quickly join, left click to start the race. Then choose a difficulty level and s selects the circuit you want.

Then choose the number of opponents you of lords, waiting for the circuit load. Then play with the directional arrows, right arrow to go right, left arrow to go left arrow at the top to access the rer, arrow down to slow down and back. Appuy R to Restart and C to change cam ra.

And use the c button to pause.

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