Flash game Diesel and Death

Diesel and Death a motorcycle race infernal

Embark on an infernal race bike and place you in the first place! Here we are in the presence pr Diesel and Death is a racing game in which you can train yourself and play along online and especially free. Compete with your opponent is the computer against which you should do racing motocross rally as this game is aimed.

In principle you must be a 1 every time otherwise you lose the race emblem e. During the race motorcycle must be that you can avoid all obstacles along the way. Try to collect the funds that are on the circuit, they will allow you to win the races because they contain has int laughing ammunition can harm your rival has. You'll contribute to the comp Posted happen. If you happen to get off your bike is that the race is achev you must do everything possible to avoid the charge of munitions (bombs, grenades etc.). Opponent but the turbo will you go 2 or 3 times faster than the speed of the part.

Diesel and death is a racing game motocross super cool, fun and fascinating with majestic scenery and sound effects too class. To play, you must steer the bike using the keys of the keyboard that is to say, the top button to jump, the left key to brake and the right soft key to access the rer. Press the space bar to serve you in your ammo but it will only be very careful because the terrain is accident.

Come measured in deadly races against the computer if you feel able. For d abut the race, click on the Play Now button. Have fun!

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