Flash game Rocket Bike

Rocket Bike racing game moto cross

Enters the race and try to finish first in Rocket Bike racing game motocross stunning! Rocket Bike, a racing game, very nice, be the first to cross the line and e arrived ahead of your competitors, dodge and install the barriers are oil stains on the road. A very complete bike game where you have to choose between six drivers, each with a diff rent appearance. Selected opponents you face want and press the p dales.

The race starts using all jumps that you'll find on the circuit, do jumps falling on your bike, quickly falling into this game, why when you jump, guide your stunt on the bike. H Do not website to do aerobatics in this motorcycle game. Am improves the parts of your bike and buy weapons to eliminate your opponents. Faces up to 3 opponents in crazy motocross race in Rocket Bike. Choose your h ros among the 6 characters in the game: Rocket Dude, Alien Farm, Red Gallito, Punk Guy Punk most sought-USA, Blue Elvis the Legend of the rock and Evil Clown. A beautiful diversity of personality that will s proud of the way in a race where almost everything is permitted.

A goal of every race and during the race, you can improve prowess am your motocross buying updates. Dark, jump on trampolines, do not miss the bonus on the road, especially the pitfalls quickly stretched by your opponents if you aim to finish first. How to play a Rocket Bike?

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard trying to properly control your bike. Press space bar to brake. Press the Z button to fire your weapon and the X button to use the bonus that you r s colt during your race.

A motocross racing game very fun, well designed.

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