Flash game Beast Hunter

Beast Hunter game of adventure and RPG

Pars adventure in Beast Hunter, great adventure game and RPG!

You want to erase targets without thank you and not take your head too? So it is with pleasure That You Will play in this great flash game That You're about. Beast Hunter is a flash game That Can Be Classified in the cat category Action games and shooting available on our portal online flash games. The principles of the game are very simple. The story is as follows.

The small town of Krondria attacked This is by an invasion of cr atures roces f. You're the only One Who can prot ger town and out of this bad patch. From a top view, you embody an archer and knight you-have to go in search of wild animals eastward Eliminating all attackers That You Will Find it your way, Whether or not enemies.

How to Play a Beast Hunter?

In terms of game controls, up to now with the arrows on your keyboard management or the Following Keys: X to aim down, S to aim upwards, C to aim to the right and Z to aim to the left.

But you-have to aim and shoot, use mouse and the left mouse button. Remaining appuy the left button of the mouse, you shoot quickly. Enemies come from all côt, it is rats, bats and orcs. Do not forget to r adorns Gâts That You caus-have to acqu st point of life in order to fight as long as possible. From the points of view r realization, this action game offers beautiful music, entertainment and good playability ussies r. A cover of the faster for fans of the genre. D fed without further delay Some solo or with your friends and have fun though!

Good luck!

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