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Kid Adventure game Adventure and RPG

Be the first ad cover Kid Adventure beautiful adventure game and RPG!

In this game very cor manga, you're in the role of a little boy with a pe arm, an ax and a shuriken. Ann es after training and study martial arts, you're ready to go proud of your Opponents. Jump from platform to platform and strikes m singing the songs for vegetables and fruits Eliminate m. The d cor of the game to May sccm Some rentals similar to That of the Italian plumber Mario lebre c diff rence is the purpose That you must not skip m songs to kill them.

Hit 'em with your weapon to exterminate em.

How to play a Kid Adventure?

For you to invest, help yourself arrow keys on your keyboard. Lat eral keys allow you to Will you live to the left or to the right COT COT, the key top to mount my scales and That of the Netherlands used HAS to kneel. Use the Z key to hit. To change weapon, click the help of the mouse on the arms down the screen.

And if you want to jump, help yourself to the Space bar. At the bottom of your screen are Arranged s your standard of living your items and types of annuities you willing diff weapons. Pars adventure and Eliminates all the obstacles on your path.

Put into practice the knowledge you've Gained a master tone and finish all the levels That Make Up the Kid Adventure game is superbly r alis with very nice graphics. A very cheerful music and fun sound effects Accompany you Throughout your adventure. Do not wait Reviews another second, go to the adventure and ends all levels without losing Any lives.

As you'll be ble? Good luck young ninja!

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