Flash game Mobile Weapon

Mobile Weapon adventure game and RPG

Come Quickly to cover a great RPG adventure game: Mobile Weapon!

You love adventures rilleuses p, d covers Many secrets and brave the dangers of Acero Isle in Mobile Weapon, an adventure RPG game types available on our portal online flash games. Any edge, the first things to do is click on the image to start playing a game. The principles of the game are quite simple and easy to master. In the world of Sios, one of the main characters of the game, people are blind pilot wide machinery are named the MAW (Mobile Adaptive Weapon - Mobile Adaptive Weapons).

How to play Mobile Weapon?

You have the choice Between a diversity of character, male or female f. The game is only a mouse. On the ground, from a 3D isometric view cudgel, click Where You Would like to spot you. Since Ron's Garage in the village, you can equip, decorate and customize your r MAW. You can buy new weapons and odd armor from the new online store.

As soon as you leave the village, you'll-have to face annuities diff cr atures. Combat phases are graphically with sublime of corns and animations in 3D. Click on the menu at the bottom left to choose to attack (Attack button) or to split (Defend button). You can choose to use aussi objects from your inventory by clicking close the Use Item button.

Once you-have Chosen your battle mode pr fr (attack or defense) Then click on your opponent to inflict a heavy attack or yourself for you prot ger your enemies. Mobile Weapon is a game of adventure manga atmosphere very full and the atmosphere very RPG. The game is super smooth and very nice. The graphics give a genuine HAS v As They offer more adventure scenes of battles and color are really agr ables to watch. Your turn now!

Have fun!

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