Flash game African Safari

African Safari shooter and action

D covers African Safari and eliminate a maximum of wild and aggressive animals by shooting them!

A little safari in the bush to eliminate as much wildlife, ca you say? This shooter is not very moral. But this is just a game Have fun in this game hunting.

Share hunt in African Safari, a shooter. The word safari trips sign of big game hunting in Africa. The term safari is most often used to describe s of tourist days in African national parks.

Offal maximum of African animals running towards your direction. Be careful, as they can arise in all COTS and in addition they get to you very quickly. So keep your cool, adjust your shot and press the trigger without en mir.

How to play African Safari?

To start playing, click on the "Click to start" button. Use your mouse to direct your e screw on animals then click to shoot, press space bar to reload your weapon. Kill the beasts that darken at full speed on you. Designed with the movements of your mouse and click to fire. When you go to draw your supplies, make pressing the space bar to reload. Your score is displayed in blue at the top left of the screen.

For each part, you are entitled to three lives, you have the server pr avoiding to miss your target. For each target rat e, a life you e is withdrawn. The game ends if you lose all your lives African Safari is a shooter where pr precision and concentration will cessaires n. Try to aim just to win the game. Show your talent with your hunting rifle, aims to target and become a professional shooter.

Draws fire with great precision pr. Aims animals well, tries to gain maximum points and set a new record. Try to reach the target and earn maximum points.

Have fun!

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