Flash game Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion a classic shooting game space invaders

Come to tread in this game Space Invaders! You like games aliens aliens? You love action and erase target?

Here is a classic game that should satisfy your expectations. In "Alien invasion" aliens invade earth. They come in enemy spaceships red or blue and your duty is to erase all of them before they can land. Montes aboard your chariot and bones all invaders with the help of its powerful bomber.

Use the mouse to steer your tank vessels that come to the top. Then use the left mouse button to fire missiles and explode. Sometimes the game gets tough and ships come several at once. Be careful because a ship can hide behind another.

In this case he must hasten to blow up the ship first and then the second blow. Once you have launched a missile, you can change its path by moving the mouse to the left or right. Hitting an enemy ship will destroy not only of the missile but beware, once a missile exploded an enemy ship, it can not explode else. You also can not have two more missiles in the game grid at the same time, then after having launched a missile, expects that it kind of game board and spears another one!

Game design and arrangement of figures well sony r alis and slightly reminiscent of the great success tetris game. It still enjoys playing ay then expect more and joined the other players in the war without thank you against the aliens. Tue maximum aliens exploding their vessels. Each ship exploded will earn you points. Beware if three alien ships arrive to touch the ground, you lose the game and all your points. So try to keep as long as possible and to Hook the best score!

Go ahead, grab your mouse and explode our enemies!

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