Flash game Blasteroids

Blasteroids arcade game space invaders type

Trying to survive in a hostile environment Blasteroids, arcade space invaders type game! Do you like games of wheelchair space with super fast spaceships, to cover a classic game very exciting Blasteroids. The game of rolls in the space and you embody the commander of a ship facing a fleet ast oids very quick in and out everywhere. How to play a Blasteroids?

To play and move your machine, use the directional arrows on the keyboard. Forward, backward, instead of your ship on the right or on the left. Conducts missile launches on ast for oids to destroy by pressing the X key and the space bar button to drop a bomb will destroy plasma of multiple rows are ast oids with a single keystroke.

In Blasteroids, you have the opportunity to play arcade mode or Use Strategy with three levels of difficulty. You earn points for every stiff ast you r ussis ad destroy. ca will not be easy, the ast oids come from all sides, well control your ship. Côt on the left of the screen is displayed your fuel level, your ship is powerful and it consumes a lot. Some ast oids are you going to destroy you will earn bonus fuel. Blast roids also has several levels, each level will require you to destroy a number of ast oids to advance to the level sup laughing. Concentrate and be fast, good control your ship and quickly wasting your fuel.

Caution some ast oids are not easy to eliminate. Wait until the ast oids gather and advancing your spaceship to their direction, loose your plasma bomb and truis them all. Your gear is also very fast, just one press of a directional arrow to see the spinning speed in and out of the frame.

Control it with precision pr, d truis all ast oids on your way and progresses to levels where sup laughing you'll still meet other ast oids even faster.

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