Flash game Escape 3

Escape 3 game of adventure and combat shooting

You try to escape the clutches of aliens in Escape 3, super adventure and shooting game! What provoked after chills s magnificent opus Jeremy 1 and 2, the saga of the great flash games aliens continues with this fantastic game "Escape 3". If you are a pro in shooting game, if you think being a master of shooters or if you just want to blow up aliens impun ment, come quickly to try this wonderful shooting game in which you return to the fantastic world of Thifanie saga. The gameplay is fairly basic, but no less fun. You must help Thifanie to kill, hole, bump, blow, riddled with bullets all aliens there will be on its way. Wow, there will be action.

Hang on to your seat and position yourself comfortably, because you have the alien on board. Pr adorn yourself a crush these vile beings tonight none of your enemies will not survive a rabies mane you. Thifanie pr shield his comeback, with twice as much of anger and determination as its goal in this episode is centered on a bigger fish. Today you will face the master of shadows, the source of evil and his apostles.

Put yourself at the bar, at the helm, has the handle of your gun. Today all thine enemies shall die. Enter a world of rage and war without thank you, under the d cor of a fantastic world of futuristic aspects that will delight anyone who loves the worlds of the future and the quality in the image.

How to play Escape 3? Keep moving through the game space with the arrow keys and then uses the fire control for chaining of your wrath on your enemies. If you like shooting games, you might love "Space." This game is easily played in the ensemble and the horns are of r ussis. Pars adventure and not come back until after having cim of all aliens from space.

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