Flash game Fueltran

Fueltran shooter combat and precision

Be the pilot and gunner in most chevronn Fueltran, super shooter combat and pr decision! Do you like playing haulage, sp cially goods whose delivery always mean danger? You like to be heat of the same in your work? So you'll find a lot of fun to try this wonderful game driving and shooting.

In "Fueltran" you find yourself in the middle of a war without thank you for the appropriation of a production pipeline fuel. Your mission in this flash game is to transport the fuel out of the enemy zone to come into possession of your home. This is not an easy task if you know the enemy troops crisscross all roads that lead to the outputs of the city. It should therefore be taken to transport the fuel out of the city while suppressing your attackers present in person on the road. How to play a Fueltran? Use your arrow keys to control the truck and carry your cargo with pr bond to the border. fast walking on the beds enemies, or meet their procession.

However, if you find yourself in an ambush, caught in a trap between shots terrorist thine enemies cars, uses the space bar to launch their missiles and thus to pledge the passage to the border. The fuel is difficult to obtain in these Regions, so do not lose your cargo and do not let the terrorists blow up, it would be an immeasurable loss for you and your country. There will also licopteres h launched its your pursuit. quickly at any price for prot ger your cargo.

You're an ace drive in this game, more spirited and rod drivers in Need for speed. You want real enemies head that h has not siteront open fire on you. D divide it up and returned to the garage with a full tank.

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