Flash game Gun Knight

Gun Knight a shooter FPS

Gun Knight is a shooting game in which you play the role of a knight charged prot ger princess and back to the castle. The princess out of the castle and since then all the inhabitants of the castle have not heard from him. Concerned about this situation, the king gave orders to find her at any cost. He passed through the whole kingdom the information that her daughter Princess t e attacked by bandits and provides a r compensates a person who has r ussira save and return it to its cost.

Young knight valiant and courageous, for you to meet this cides to fit, fighting bandits and bring the princess to the castle. You embody the Gun Knight personal bodyguard of the Princess, your mission is to find and prot ger daughter of the king against the enemy. Once you realize the princess, her rescue course regardless of the people who want to kill her. They are human, monsters or other cr atures, your mission is to prot ger. Vas, challenge your enemies s curise Princess, do not forget that ca survival depends on your efficiency has s SECURING.

Then leaves nothing approaching her and soon the princess is no harm! Not forgetting that the confidence of the king and his people rely on you alone. The king has only one daughter and if he has lost, he does not endure.

Be careful and complete your mission successfully, the king and the princess will thank you. Graphics and music make even the most agr ble to play game! Click on Start to begin with, use the mouse and moves the cursor to shoot. Your rapidity be an advantage and allow you to defeat the enemy.

Good luck!

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