Flash game In The Hunt

The Hunt in a naval battle game in 2D

Save the world from enemy ships ravaging Oc years! A secret organization called Dark Anarchy reigns on a post-apocalyptic world and threatens to destroy some of the largest cities in the world. You're the only hope of mankind, with the help of your super submarine, your mission will prot ger the world and save its inhabitants. Aboard the submarine war, truis entire enemy fleet in the air, under water ... everywhere!

Indeed, in order to survive and thus progress through the levels must eliminate the enemies, whether from air or from the sea, using the es-board weapons on board, and am ments that you can r cup rer throughout the levels. To navigate in the vastness of the oc year, help yourself directional arrows on your keyboard. To get on ships and underwater enemies, use the "X" button for a shot to the horizontal and the "C" button for vertical shooting has. The life of your submarine and the total score is displayed at the bottom left of the screen.

The game includes seven levels or completely differ ent d cor change with difficulty. More you advance in the game, the more enemies will be tough. Keep an eye on the timer at the bottom of the game screen, because if you do not complete the level within the time limit you will be game over! It is also possible to play a In the Hunt solo or two. How to play In The Hunt? In The Hunt shoot em up vertical scrolling 2D ad to navigate and avoid enemy torpedoes using the arrows on your keyboard, the trick is to be perp rently moving.

To respond to frontal attacks press "X" on your keyboard and eliminate enemies using the height button "C" key.

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