Flash game Interplacetary Fighter

Interplacetary Fighter arcade game space invaders type

Shooting on the space invaders that try to invade your base! In intergalactic universe, several enemy ships aliens attack has your territory, they have only one goal, they want you and are ruthless conquest er. In the shooting game you are Interplacetary Fighter installed along the border with your ship, you must prevent this band arm e of reaching their goals by truisant of all. You'll have to spend several r succeed toughest one more than the other levels. The task will not be simple. In the first mission, you get a number of enemy ships before moving to eliminate was the next step.

Your ship is at the bottom of the screen to play and maneuver your vehicle uses the mouse to move in all directions. Lance cannonballs towards the enemy spaceships and aliens truis them all. Crystals in the form of diamond spin from time to time in the battle zone, picks to reload your level of energy. Your opponents are very deadly and you must be a very good commander for to destroy. Click on your vehicle to take control of spin and makes maneuvering your mouse from left to right and top to bottom.

Avoids renter collide with alien craft not lower your level of energy. Some of your opponents will come to your direction to try to hit you. Do play your r flexes to circumvent their attacks. Dodge their attacks Place your machine to their direction and latch the sequences of shots to make them explode. If the enemy ships you truisent of three times, you lose the game.

The level of energy your machine is displayed on the bottom left of the screen, also observed the radar to monitor the position of the enemy ships. Become a great intergalactic warrior truisant of all enemy ships quickly. Won the first battle and accede to the next level to compete with other more formidable enemies.

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