Flash game Jawa Shoot

Jawa Shoot, shooter laser gun

Jawa Shoot, shot on dwarf thieves using your laser gun Your ship has cabbage on a distant planet. Thieves head group on your ship to plunder. You must kill them before it is too late.

Use the mouse clicks with the left button to kill the thieves. You have to avoid clicking on houses and droid, if you lose a life. You have got three lives and you have to seek to pr server. The more you're going to kill thieves, the more you'll earn points. The game ends when the time will expire or when you have more life.

In a rear-end reminiscent of a stage very c lebre movie Star Wars, your goal will be to destroy the m songs that try to invade your territory. While your ship was in full tour in space, it has to undergo a technical faillance and is crach on the planet Tatooine. The planet is infested by e cr atures daunting trying to invade you by attacking your ship. They are very fast and move towards your ship number. Your objective in Jawa Shoot is to split the tile of your ship against these beings pugnants r. R ussis has repel all to win the game and thus regain your freedom.

Use the mouse to move your weapon, the pointer is represented by a triangle feels that allows you to aim and click to shoot. Avoid drawing especially on your paving, homes that are in the stage and on the droid that is constantly in motion, these actions will make you lose a life. You will have a total of three lives to try to win the game Aim with precision pr and be very fast, you will not have much time and cr atures invaders advancing rapidly. To score maximum points, you must succeed r has ANTIR year by linking your shots, but also avoiding touching objects that will make you lose a life.

Calculate how much you'll also enchainer your shots not to pull into the void and waste your ammunition, aliens argue backwards, has chosen well when you need to trigger your shots to reach them. You have three hundred and ninety third in total and three lives to try to eliminate the maximum cr atures invasive and thus win the game D truis the more thieves and quickly as possible to be a top level scoreboard .

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