Flash game Marksmen

Marksmen shooter, action and zombies

D covers the world of Marksmen and embodies a soldier who must eliminate the zombies that have invaded New York!

Do you know aim? Do you like shooting games? So welcome to you brave soldier. On our platform, we offer you the best shooting games and made available online for free for fun. Pr adorn yourself in the action!

A pid mie spreads and threatens the entire planet, the inhabitants of the city of New York are contaminated ja d s. For sniper talents you have, you have just been recruited by the intervention brigade from the city to kill all the virus ad ja contaminate and have become zombies. You have all the equipment necessary to properly n g rer your mission.

How to play a Marksmen?

To play is simple: click on the Play button and fed a new game. D Place the soldier keys W to attack, S key to move, the A and D keys to rotate from left to right. Keys 1 to 4 allow you to search your bag and switch weapons. The R key on the keyboard allows you to reload ammunition. With the 5 key, you can view your position on the map relative to your enemy and with the 6 button to activate the night vision mode. To kill a living death, is the head with the mouse and click on the right button.

You'll have to be very agile to aim and focus in order to reach your targets. Will you be at the height of your mission? So no quarter for those walking corpses, kill all those affected and saved the land of the disaster before the virus does r pande everywhere. Also invites friends to come play with you and form a Genuine arm of soldiers fighting for the survival of humanity.

Have fun and enjoy yourself well on our site!

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