Flash game Mission R4 June

Mission R4 June SPF special pistol

Terrorists have invaded the street, eliminates them with your gun and take care to not be injured. Your mission is to kill them all. But beware, the number p, it is not easy to distinguish. Serve you mouse to aim and shoot. To reload your weapon, click on the red R on the right of the game you'll fight against your enemies f rocement acharn s and s arm to the teeth. Alone against all and with a single gun, you'll face a pack without a pr c tooth.

You have 4 lives for r succeed. This game is the type of game that we begin and where it is still on after 2:00 so we find ourselves quickly taken by the desire to win. A great shooting game, you advance in the city, you have to shoot people who want to stop.

You are located in a hallway and hidden behind a wall. You need to cover to shoot the enemy is not far. Be very active r for aim and shoot it in a second.

The enemy will be more and more and you'll often reload your weapon to avoid being surprised. Recharge your weapon with ammunition and especially trying to stay alive. D Place the target with the movements of your mouse and click to shoot. Click R to reload your ammo.

You must have no pity for those individuals who are well armed s attempt to liquidate you. To laugh to play click first on the "Play" button and then the "Go" button. Good luck.

Try to go through the game by shooting your enemies without getting hit. This shooting game allows you to cover your large win has to manipulate the mouse by shooting targets.

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