Flash game Nava

Nava shooter airplane

D Nava covers Chat now has to fight against fighters in space nothing since your fighter!

If you like shooting games, you'll love playing in Nava! A fighter embarks on a tight density of nearly-zero s bumper stars.

Also known as vacuum of space. This game is qualified air sometimes silent interplane space, interstellar or intergalactic designer for more pr cis ing the vacuum of space. A fighter also call Hunter is a military aircraft designed to intercept enemy planes and ensure mastery of the sky. It may for example, be to destroy enemy bombers to prevent them from reaching their targets. Fighters appear during the First World War and their role was to attack enemy aircraft and balloons recognition, then appeared the first bomber.

In this game of Nava, you are call to fight against fighters in space is nothing. Enemies that pop up from all sides.

How to play in Nava?

After having clicked on to laugh, you can use the keys that are the arrows on the keyboard to move your plane from left to right and top to bottom. Press the space bar key on the keyboard to shoot enemy planes. quickly rub your device against enemy aircraft which will hurt you, they can decrease your health. They can come from the bottom of the game screen the top of the screen, a counter scout is there, it depletes very slowly every time you crases the enemy.

Game time is counted, so it is recommended you make the best possible shot at the enemy while remaining intact to accumulate points that will make you the master of the bombing has nothing. Throw yourself in this fun and exciting space war game very easy to play. Good luck!

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