Flash game Primer

Primer action game and fight

D covers Primer and save all the soldiers cabbage s on blocks of sign s!

For fans of action games, here is the best game that will make you dream about as among others. Primer game is a game of very glitzy action. Be sure to be at the address of our website and then wait for the tl loading your game before you press the Play button displayed e on the screen of your game In this game, you aim for save all soldiers cabbage s on blocks of sign s situ through the hostile terrain and bring them back to their home base. The time is counted, so save them as quickly possible soldiers before the time runs out. Bonus points are low s s award on the time it takes.

How to play a Primer?

Your ship can contain a maximum of five soldiers. Increases the power of your ship with bonus Letter of which the one with the letter "P" that te r compensates with 2,000 points suppl ments, "L" which gives you an extra life commentary, "F" you restores fuel supply in the fuel tank r and "S" shield recharge your energy at its maximum. Pilot your ship in all directions with pav are your computer from top to bottom and from left to right buttons. The space bar allows you to activate a shield your ship against the breakage and fire the flying enemy. The shield is limited.

Looking gauge displayed e on the screen of your game Recharge your energy at the base. Play ds now has this action simulation shows your performance in saving soldiers. The Primer is a magnificent game action game with a simplicity that marks its traces in the walls of the platform online games. Throw yourself solo or invite friends to share this amazing action game.

Good luck and good luck with Primer!

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